IDG has over 20 years of experience providing graphic art, desktop publishing and production activities in support of Federal proposal responses. We interact with proposal management, proposal consultants, technical subject matter experts, internal IT and others to ensure the final output is of the highest quality. We meet all deadlines and turnaround times.

IDG’s Marketing Consulting & Proposal Development Services include:

  • Executing Federal and State Procurement Proposal Development Processes
  • Review solicitations to ensure full understanding of relevant response submission requirements.
  • Perform desktop publishing to ensure proposal documents are formatted in accordance with solicitation requirements.
  • Design compliant response templates according to solicitation requirements and are easy to read and visually appealing.
  • Work with authors to ensure they know how to best use the templates.
  • Format and incorporate proposal input from multiple authors or reviewers.
  • Provide cover design, develop graphic solutions, charts, graphs, and other diagrams
  • Ensure final versions of graphics created and are inserted into final proposal documents.
  • Prepare all review and final proposal documents in hard copy and electronic in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign and, if required, convert to Adobe Acrobat.
  • Work with proposal management, technical staff, to develop proposal covers, spines, CD covers, and other proposal graphics.
  • Prepare proposal related documents such as kick-off meeting presentations, proposal-specific style guides, and review team instructions.
  • Perform print production and ready the electronic and/or physical delivery.
  • Ensure production resources are stocked, organized, and operational to support production schedules and needs.
  • Assist in the reproduction and binding/packaging of all proposal volumes.
  • Assist in final package (white glove) review.



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